Thursday, September 29, 2011

"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"_Mr. Acker Bilk on clarinet

This is a great song. Mr. Acker Bilk is one of the great instrumentalists of all time, and Acker was my clarinet mentor/hero from very young. I play clarinet.
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James Last_"I Just Called to Say I Love You":
When Ronald Reagan was President of the U.S., there was a sense of 'depression' at the White House. Psychologists of the workplace were called in from the field of Organizational Behaviour. Changes were made, including playing this Stevie Wonder song every 15 mins. on the Muzak system. It worked, as later evaluation/psychological tests showed. Have you ever thought about your own workplace, 'home', play area, and how you may be able to live more optimally in these 'spaces'? Stevie should be in the Mental Health Hall of Fame.
James Last is perhaps one of the best Orchestras of popular music in the 20th century. This is a great rendition of the song, with same drums roll in the background, on James Last's 80th birthday, and on his album, "80 Not Out" (a reference to cricket).